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Web Design and Development

From blogs to E-commerce, your website allows your visitor to learn about you or your business.

More importantly, they can interact with your network or infrastructure and benefit from an instant two-way exchange of information.

State of the art tools can help integrate your data in this design and animations will spice up your image.

Thanks to a Content Management System ( CMS ) your organization will benefit from its own customized interface to administer and deploy your content.

Your website can be developed with PHP or RAILS and will be associated with MySQL or your preferred database.

Although MediaVince´s CMS is unaffiliated, it integrates features found in most CMS like various functionality modules and a word-style interface for content management.

TinyMCE, for instance, is customized to offer best compatibility with your needs.

We also implement Lightbox for slideshows with Scriptaculous and Prototype or all kinds of JQuery integration to spice up your presentation!

We strive to always add the latest available functionality to any project we either maintain or take on!


Check it out and see some of the work developed by Media Vince!

Animated design with CMS*

Flash, PHP and MySQL Database interfaces with ActionScript 2/3, Javascript, XML and CSS (AJAX)
or Ruby On Rails

Plain design with CMS*

PHP and MySQL Database interfaces with Javascript and CSS (AJAX)
or Ruby On Rails

Plain design of webpages

Basic HTML with Javascript and CSS (AJAX)
or Ruby On Rails

* CMS: Content Management System