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Web Marketing

Domain Name Registration

Your domain name is your address online and needs to match your profile.

Web Hosting

Your web host is your landlord, its services have to include security and maintenance and be packed with functionalities.

Affiliation and Search Engine Optimization

How does the web works?
More importantly, how do you expose your content and bring it to the front row?
Your placement depends on development and logical wording references with a solid affiliate network.

Constructing a network by exchanging links as follows will make the web aware of you:


Both are directories listing Web design companies.

Advertising and Google Tools

Thanks to Google AdWords, AdSense and various other tools, it is possible to manage the way your own website will appear on the network and also gain from it by having others display your ads.


Set up and manage accounts on your website with credit card authorization or paypal.
Securing your exchanges is of utmost importance here.

Newsletter, Data Access and Control

From self contained package to customized assistance plan, Media Vince will provide secure content management systems to control your data and manage your newsletter or dynamic content.